Our Mission

HPEF's mission is to ensure the long-term quality and vitality of Keene Central School.

The Keene Central School is a keystone institution in our town, a major employer and a focus for bringing people together. The school's health and vitality is an indicator of the broader health of the community. Thus, we want to keep our Town a place where people come to raise their families because of the quality of its school and the other benefits of small town life.

Our mission includes supporting the implementation of the KCS Strategic Plan, which covers both growth in student population through recruiting, and enrichment of educational programs for teachers and students of KCS. HPEF will be a source of ideas, expertise, funding, connections and volunteers that augment the efforts of KCS administration and teachers, the Board of Education, and the Parent Teacher Association. HPEF will focus on researching feasible alternatives, disseminating accurate and clear information, and launching new initiatives. HPEF will be a source of project-specific seed funds, will recruit and organize volunteers for new initiatives, and will be an advocate for KCS in the community.

Funding for our work comes from charitable (and tax deductible) gifts from community members who understand the importance to our town of a vibrant school and our continuing responsibility to invest in the education of the next generation.

Donations can be sent to HPEF c/o ACT, PO Box 288, Lake Placid, NY 12946.


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Who we are

HPEF is run by a volunteer board of trustees, which includes both full-time and seasonal residents:

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    Greg Farrell

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    Jim Bernard

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    Barbara Strowger

Other members of the board of trustees include:

Non-voting Board members are Superintendent and High School Principal Dan Mayberry, K-8 Principal Shannon Pitcher-Boyea, and Board of Education President Kathy Regan.


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